The Froebe Group is a leading full-service provider to academic and trade publishers. Since the agency was founded in 2009, we have successfully worked with some of the most prominent publishers in the nation. Our talented team of in-house editors in New York City and Los Angeles is dedicated to ensuring that publishers connect with their audience.

In 2018, we formed a strategic alliance with Manila Typesetting Company (MTC), a leading provider of composition and data conversion services. You can read more about their services here. By fully integrating our onshore resources with such a successful offshore facility, we meet the growing industry demand for unified prepress management. Together we can create customized solutions to meet complex workflows, schedules, and budgets.

Our reputation is built on the personal attention we bring to each project and our success requires that we out-perform our competitors. We take pride in the tradition of excellence we have established while also looking forward to the changing demands of the future.